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How to Work With Us?

You are obviously on our website, and we are happy to have you, so what’s next? We welcome all visitors but only cater to travel professionals, so if you are not, Contact us, and we will refer you to one of our travel agencies/partners, but if you  Create an Account,  This will give you access to industry special prices, FAM Trips details and pre-booking opportunity,  and promotions. Keep an Eye on our Newsletters; You will be informed about new offers, market trends, and much more! Maybe you have something to share with our database, why not cooperate with us? We believe in the power of cooperation. Follow our social media, tell us about you, and we will follow you. As our business partner, if you like any post, we will give you the right to use it on yours too, and sometimes create exclusive material just for you!

How to book with us?

Option 1:
Pick one of our carefully designed itineraries, choose the dates, tell us your clients’ details and book your way to peace of mind.

Option 2:
Tell us what you have in mind, what are your clients’ requests and we will handcraft a special itinerary just for you.

Option 3:
set your clients to join one of our groups.

Something to Remember

When booking a private tour for your FIT, or groups with us, everything is customizable (if not limited by the rules and regulations in the destination)

Contact us and we will be happy to tailor-make as per your request.