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USA +1 929 442 2 FAM Canada +1 514 781 7102 Europe +49 160 958 381 47

Hello, and welcome to our virtual home!
We would love to take you on a tour of our world of thinking and executing, so buckle up and let’s go.

As a child, my father used to tell me that it takes years for someone to build a good reputation, and it takes days to destroy it!
But my father died before social media became an extension of every hand, a constant resident of every mind, and the tool to build brands and disfigure personalities, he didn’t know that it takes decades to build your reputation, and a click of a button to take you under the clouds for a long time.
FAMtastic Tour family grew over the years, and the small tour agency is now a Tour Operator owned by our family of ex-employees and actual partners.
We turned our old competitors into clients; after all, we spent many years meeting them on FAM Trips and Travel conventions! 

We can no longer compete with them, but we are spreading out our expertise, and knowledge to be at their service.
We are a big extended family, we grew up and we live now by our values, that includes doing to the others what you want them to do for you!
We treat every file with the traveler on our minds, recognizing that for many this trip might be the once-in-a-lifetime journey, the only one on their bucket list, the last in the chapter of discoveries, and we strive to stand in front of anything that might ruin it.
We have a reputation of quality providers in each of our destinations and we strive to keep this reputation. After all, it is our name at stake!

Our Name, what it means?

Our name FAM/tastic a combination of 3 words, to define what we are.

FAM from Familiarization, because our tours are for the explorers, the searchers, the everlasting learners about people and cultures beyond geographical, and social borders.

FAM from family, the core of every society, as our tours are customized to fit all ages; whatever is your age group, we have something for you, and it is there to enjoy it with your friends, spouses, partners, kids, or a bunch of total strangers, who after traveling together might become friends.

FAM tastic is from Fantastic, because traveling is fun, awesome, entertaining, educative, and mind-blowing, and we bring the WOW Factor to the traveling Experience, so it becomes Fantastic!

How do we think?

Travel is a powerful life-changing experience. Our world is an open school, and traveling is the only way to learn first-hand about, people, places, cultures, history, art, love, and life. Regardless of our age, interests, and backgrounds, any trip short or long takes us on a journey to discover, learn, and be amazed. Our tours are carefully crafted to allow our travelers to enjoy people and places.

Our Services

  • Guided Tours in all our destinations.
  • Creating Itineraries with any interest or style you desire.
  • Transportation and drivers in all our destinations.
  • MICE services. (Meeting, Incentive, Conference & Exhibitions).
  • Tailor-Made Tours to meet individuals’ and groups’ special requirements, needs, age, and abilities.
  • Corporate, and BLeisure Travel.
  • Customizing and Leading Special Interest Groups. (culinary, birds watching, belly dancing …)
  • Meet & Assist with Visa arrangements upon arrival at our destination (Restrictions apply).
  • Accommodations and lodging reservations including cruises, hotels, resorts, villas & yachts in all our destinations.
  • VIP Arrangements, Programs, and Exclusive Packages.

Why work with us?

  • FAMastic Tour is a full-service B2B Tour Operator, we work only with travel professionals providing our services to their clients.
  • FAMtastic Tour is a family-oriented Tour Operator offering the best deals, and travel packages without compromising the high standard of services.
  • Passionate, experienced team, the charm of a boutique company, innovative ideas, forward-thinking, combined with a proactive approach to customer service, is what distinguishes us.
  • We offer tours and packages handcrafted with the maximum attention to details, and superior service capabilities added to first-hand knowledge of our destinations, and established relations with our suppliers around the globe.
  • When working with us, we make sure to let you know that we appreciate your faith in FAMtastic Tour for organizing your clients’ vacation. That’s why we spare no effort to give you the most comfortable cooperation, and to your clients a fantastic journey!

What do We offer?

  • We are B2B, we work with Travel Agents/ Advisors only, we direct clients to you (terms and conditions apply)
  • Ease of work, with your Dedicated Business Coordinator.
  • Fun and Educational FAM Trips with Great Discounted Rates.
  • Peace of mind, with a full team on-call 24/7 when your clients are with us, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.
  • Fast response in 1 business day or less.
  • All down payments go directly to a Trust Account until paid to our suppliers
  • Competitive Commission paid immediately.
  • Guaranteed departure starting from 2 guests, unless specified for Solo traveler (not Solo Groups)
  • Handling all requests with care and precision.
  • Offering the best value for money.

What do we promise?

  • To keep you informed about new products, and Travel updates through our constant inspection trips.
  • To maintain and check quality levels of tour programs we provide to our clients on regular basis.
  • To assist our partners in promoting the destinations, providing marketing supports and advice, travel updates, photo library, Familiarization trips, …
  • To deliver what we promise that we offer.